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Welcome to the Florida Department of Education Grants Management System (GMS). This system has been established to provide users with information on the status of project applications for and awards of Federal and State funds. The Office of Grants Management Services serves the educational community by managing the distribution of grant funding. Our mission is to serve all our valued customers, both external and internal, by assisting them in the processes and procedures for accessing funds to educate students throughout the State. This Grants Management System is a portal through which information can be accessed via the web.

GMS is to be used by authorized persons only. If you are an authorized user, please log in by entering a valid user name and password. If you have any difficulty with this process, please contact the System Administrator. You may use the Links on the left to find information about "Application Status," and to access Forms, the Grants Management Web Page, and other related links. If you need assistance in navigating through the system, please follow the Help in each section.

If you are not yet an authorized user, and need to access this information, you may request a user name by contacting the System Administrator.

GMS is a "work in progress." We will be adding additional components to this website in the near future. We welcome your suggestions for improvement and for additional functionality.

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